On Second Thought, Don’t Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies for the Open House!

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  1. Really, Switzerland! Are you kidding? Almost every child has eaten a chocolate chip cookie in America. It is one of those “collective, cultural scents” which one easily detects. How about Strudel? Did they check that!
    Seriously, Realtors forever have been using the old trick of taking a pie pan and some vanilla to achieve a perfectly acceptable aroma. So I do agree with your scents but baking something, if you’re so inclined, should be a big, cultural, collective scent and Chocolate Chip Cookies (Toll house my fav!) or apple pie are two BIGGIES!

  2. Pat

    Or you could just offer them a chocolate chip cookie as soon as they enter.

  3. Great article, and I couldn’t agree more! Of course I love the scent of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, but scents can be very distracting. I am also opposed to sellers having candles or potpourri in their home for sale, I know, boo. My suggestion to sellers: Dust and vacuum often, open windows and clean with an all natural cleaner or plant based ingredients.
    ~Happy Selling

  4. Anne Meczywor

    My buyers are always suspicious of any strong scent, wondering what the seller is trying to cover up. I always tell my sellers that strong scents scream, while thoroughly clean and fresh speaks volumes.

  5. Wow – no more coookies!!! bummer…. house I ended up buying many years ago made home made bread just before we showed up to tour. Ended up with some fresh baked bread and we bought the house. We probably would have bought the house regardless of the fresh baked smell. Bread was sure good though!!!!

  6. I’ll never be convinced that the smell of beans cooking on the stove didn’t sell a home. My client was making them to go with dinner, we just happen to have to show the home before they ate. Good Ole comfort food.

  7. Donita Johnson

    I disagree strongly with one comment about offering a cookie to clients….with the allergies that people have today we cannot be too careful so I would urge you NOT to offer any type of refreshments to people coming to Open Houses.

  8. Good post; the best scent is no scent! Clean, clean, clean!

  9. Chocolate chip cookies were always thought to be the “go to” comfort smell when having an open house or showings. However, I too, recently discovered new information about the best scents….” Scents that Sell “. The favorites were: lemon, green tea, cedar, vanilla, pine and basil. I think you have to be careful with pine and cedar. The worst scents were: potpourri, gourmet foods, chocolate chip cookies and other baked goods. Thanks for the post. I feel so in the know.

  10. Lori

    I agree that the best scent is no scent or odour of food, animals or perfumey!
    If the home is cleaned well then that is all that is needed.
    No candles or food given out . A natural citrus (essential oil ) scented room spray can be nice and not over powering.

  11. Robbin

    As a potential buyer, I most appreciate a fresh just cleaned scent. Murphy’s Oil soap and lemony scents are personal favorites of mine.

  12. More people prefer the scent of a clean home with no strong fragrances.

  13. I agree! We try too hard not to distract buyers with strong smell.

  14. Rebecca

    I always put on a roast in crockpot. Nothing says “I’m home” like a good smelling roast!!

  15. Serena Bales

    Clean smells the best, pine sol is a winner. It comes in pine or lemon. Although, I would give the roast a try! I don’t bake the cookies there, but I do leave candies or cookies. A sugar boost is welcomed by hard working agents and aggressive buyers. Your welcome.