What Home Buyers Want Most in Their New Homes

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  1. Laurie

    I agree that energy efficiency is important, but here are the top things buyers in my area really want:
    1. Hardwood floors
    2. Granite counters/stainless steel appliances
    3. Finished basements
    4. Updated kitchens/baths

    This list isn’t unusual, but I’ve done dozens of open houses and it’s always the same questions and lists of desires in a home. So something to share with potential sellers.

  2. In our markets here on the Seacoast of NH & ME, it’s a market expectation that the home of today will be updated (as Laurie says above). Energy efficiency is rapidly becoming a key concern for buyers as well as sellers who are also facing those same rising costs for utilities. We see more and more buyers who want 1 floor living, or with the majority of living space on the first floor. There is a market for every home it just depends on how big that market is and working with professionals that know their market and what’s available.

  3. Me personally would look into energy efficiency, but Laurie is right. I work in Northern New Jersey, and buyers in this area are looking for updated kitchen, bathrooms, more and more hardwood floors, granite, stainless steel, nice yard.

  4. This is great insight to what a lot of potential buyers are looking for. Helps with where to make updates and where to highlight a showing.

  5. People are looking for updated homes with granite, stainless steel appliance, etc. They are also looking for energy efficient homes as stated. With rising costs, having an energy efficient AC, that could save 30% or more off the electricity costs, is a priority for some buyers.

  6. I agree with the comments above in regards to home efficiency. There are a good amount of older homes in Charleston and I always stress to buyers the importance of an efficient home.

    In the Charleston SC market, inventory is down so buyers are sometimes having to settle with certain homes and add the “bells and whistles” later on. I would rank buyer importance as:
    1. updated kitchens (stainless, granite, gas)
    2. open floor plan concept
    3. hardwood floors
    4. master bath
    5. outdoor entertaining area

  7. Homes that are energy efficient are key and one way to make sure the home is energy efficient is by checking the insulation.

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