The Best Day to List a House For-Sale …

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  1. The day of the week has to be one of the very least concerns when it comes to listing and selling a home. Location, Condition, Price, Marketing… Day on the Market? Interesting, fun, but irrelevant. And as a team, our systems are designed to put homes on the market on Thursdays and our average DOM is 59 (over 12 years and over 1500 homes sold) and average sales price to list price is 99.1%. We get them on the market on Thursday so agents can review them on Friday to show them on Saturday. It works for us. Love your articles Melissa!



  2. I agree there are way to many other variables that come into play that could suggest a particular day may be better than another day. A properly presented property at the right price will sell for top dollar no matter what day of the week it’s listed.

  3. Interesting statistics. I can see pluses and minuses for any day of the week. After 25 years of co-owning with my husband, our own real estate and mortgage company here in Northern CA (Sonoma County), we’ve held open houses mainly on weekends but yes, sometimes during the week. It really seems to depend on the market excitement, or lack of, BUT, also the amount of marketing and promotion we do ourselves for this open house. That’s my input but I sure enjoyed the article and statistics!
    Best, Lynn

  4. What a unique metric to measure. I will have to keep track of this from now on. In Mexico, everything is just a little different. Thank you for the idea. I’ll try Friday for the next while 🙂

  5. This is the real thing you say that the best day is Friday to home for sale and listing.

    Thanks 🙂