5 Items High on Women’s Home Shopping Lists

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  1. I find that jetted tubs aren’t a plus for either gender of home-seekers — they’re rarely well maintained because rarely used, at least here in Boston, and it’s very difficult to get them serviced. And men and women alike are shopping for low-maintenance homes that need next-to-zero upgrading. I don’t think gender is really an issue — will we never get away from this pink vs blue thing?

  2. Jetted tubs in at least 40% of the buyers are a minus, rather than a plus. I find that my female buyers, are more concerned about a dressing and makeup area where they don’t have to stand up while grooming.

  3. While the jetted tub is larger and more modern it’s rarely the deal breaker. Here in Orange County, California Buyers want remodeled top to bottom for cheap!

  4. I am not sure about the jet tub statistics,and we do not have one, but everything else you mentioned it, ironically, included in our new home. My wife also fell in love with our house in our first walk through. I would have to agree with at least 4 out 5 items you listed.

  5. More and more of my clients are just wanting ‘soaking’ tubs. A jetted tub must be used regularly enough that it doesn’t built up bacteria in the system. So many people say, “save the jets for the outdoors hot tub and give me a soaker.” I agree that with busy families, and jobs, the majority want easy clean up and low maintenance!

  6. I was surprised too about the jetted tub. People just do not have that luxury of time to use it and take care of it. I would thought a mud room would be more practical. A real luxury on the cheap is that make up/blow dry area in the master bath.