The Color of the Year for 2013 Is …

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  1. All hues of emerald will be perfect this year. It’s a subliminal positive touch to have a splash of green throughout a home.

  2. Loving the Emerald! It complements everyone and is a fresh accent in interiors. Pantone does it again!!

  3. As a professional stager, I would never advise a seller to use a trendy paint color, like this otherwise attractive “Emerald”, or “Tangerine Tango”, for that matter.There are far too many buyers who wouldn’t appreciate them, and why would you want to limit interest in the house? I prefer to add green with plants, which are not only beautiful, they convey numerous positive messages about the house.

    The whole notion of a color of the year, which we’re supposed to use like sheep, is just plain silly.

  4. Hi Melissa, nice article…you know in our area we are seeng alot of Navy blue in accent walls and the richer neutrals in darker tones. That NAVY blue surprized me but is quite chic’ when done well. Keep on writing, as always, I enjoy your posts.

  5. The emerald green goes amazing with the gold taps and shower enclosures. I seriously just finished a total house reno and threw out all the emerald carpet, counter tops etc. from 1989/1990. I really dislike the thought that we are already back!

  6. I think color adds to the appeal of the home. It makes your house stand out. even if the buyer doesn’t like the color, it makes your home seem brighter and more unique. Basic white is so boring and doesn’t make the home seem special. A color also shows that the owners cared about the home and implies that they took care of the home.