New Years Resolutions for Home Renovations That Can Save Money

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  1. Ken
    I’m glad you are in the mindset to start considering Energy Efficiency and Renewables! However, I do have a couple of suggestions;
    1) Please begin to consider LED lighting. They are even more efficient that CFL’s, have the potential to last much longer and do not have any special disposal requirements because they contain no mercury.
    2) Low flow shower heads are a great choice but please also consider front loading wash machines, dual flush toilets etc.
    3) Solar electric systems are sized for the home occupants energy usage based on a year or more of utility data and are not installed bit by bit. Unfortunately, its just not economical or practical to do so for a number of reasons. Although system sizing is flexible based on a homeowners budget and needs, I rarely see a system get added onto later because panel dimensions and electrical characteristics have changed over the course of a couple of years and the old and new are no longer compatible. There is new technology that can address some of this but you still cant address the aesthetic issue of different looking panels on a roof.
    4) Energy testing is a worthwhile thing to do anytime, not just when installing a solar system. Although the two have little to do with each other outside of both being energy related. A home energy test can help determine not only points of air leakage from the HVAC duct system but in the house as a whole. It can also help guide a home owner to addressing the reasons that their home feels drafty or cold in the winter and uncomfortably hot in the summer and why their utility bills are high as a result of combating that.

  2. Great advice on renovating and saving at the same time. One question – do high pressure, low flow shower heads exist? Because I have to have the pressure, too.

  3. I would also add dual pane windows to the list. Although it is nothing new but it is still THE most efficient solution for energy saving. In addition, improving your roof insulation is easy and rewarding.

  4. Triple pane windows can also have cut down energy bills as they help keep the cold/hot air inside depending on the season.

  5. Great Blog…Although solar panels here in Langley BC Can. doesn’t have the same saving effect, I will defiantly be recommending the other key points to my clients. Thanks!

  6. I found this is an informative and interesting post so i think so it is very useful and knowledgeable.

  7. Great tips for any homeowner! Just wish there was a more attractive option than the fluorescent bulbs as the light they emit is so harsh. Thanks for posting…

  8. Some off these renovations have tax advantages as well. We deducted our new windows because a credit was available.

  9. Solar panels are a huge upfront expense but they have a lot of programs and tax advantages these days to make it more attractive. You can sell credits to the electric company as well.