8 Kitchen Trends to Watch in 2013

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  1. Very interesting and enjoyed reading this blog – especially the bit about the colours and modern style. I never thought that the brightly coloured kitchens would have longevity and makes more sense to add colour accents and keep the base neutral. I still think that very traditional styled kitchens are remaining popular too, judging by the interest in these on pinterest. But you never mentioned Kitchen Sinks and Kitchen Taps?! I am always amazed that the tap choice is often left to the kitchen manufacturer and yet its probably one of the most used appliances in a kitchen.
    Wise Owl aka Ailis

  2. Have you seen the copper range hoods? Definitely a unique product that is not a traditional range hood.


  3. I’m definitely into the tucked away kitchen appliances, if only I could hide my fridge from the public eye!

  4. Teresa

    I enjoyed reading this blog – I agree the neutral colors for the walls and the color for the accessories in the kitchen. Not to sure if I would like the glass backsplash though. I’ll have to check that out at some of the upcoming Home Shows.

  5. Somehow these ultra-sleek, contemporary kitchens don’t seem as cozy and welcoming as Grandma’s kitchen with the cookie jars and clutter all over the counter tops, family photos and magnets on the fridge, ruffled curtains at the window, and pots of African violets blooming on the window sill. The modern kitchens are pretty to look at but I don’t smell any cookies fresh from the oven!
    Enjoyed your article. Thanks for the info.

  6. I agree with Jane that the modern kitchens, while clean and neat do not draw me into talk and cozy up. A woman who cleans houses once told me the reasons kitchens like that stay clean is that they don’t get used. I’ll take some clutter if it means “a family lives here.” I know i’m in the minority though…Thanks for all the points though. It’s good to try to incorporate new styles into your own to create something unique.

  7. Debbie LaPlante

    I enjoyed the article, but was hoping it would have touched on the subject of appliance finishes. Are Stainless steel appliances losing their popularity and if so, what are the new trends in finishes for refrigerators, ranges, and dishwashers?

  8. GoodDay!

    I agree with Jane and Mechelle modern homes are not inviting or cozy.
    Lived in contemporary home with minimal accessories and glad I finally sold it.
    Been there done that – It’s a generational thing!

  9. As a Realtor I work with buyers every day and they are looking for modern, open kitchens with big islands. Granite and stainless steel are still at the top of their lists as well as amazing backsplashes and cool lighting. No offense intended but Grandma’s kitchen is one of the top reasons a buyer passes on a house. (Kitchens and bathrooms really do sell houses!). I personally have a more modern kitchen, it’s spotless and I cook all the time! Great article.

  10. There you go, the kitchen remodel I’ve been dreaming about, and it’s all here. I helped a few clients last year do kitchen updates prior to selling their homes with amazing results in activity and sale prices. Kitchen updates bring more return on invesment than almost anything. Good post. Thanks for writing on this topic.

  11. Just opening your kitchen by removing or shortening a wall can modernize your home. Its relatively inexpensive and can add so much to your home.

  12. I love this article, as a Realtor more buyers focus in the kitchen. A modern and renovated kitchen adds more value to houses.

  13. Sabrina

    Please, cover up the steel fridge with wood front. I don’t want a big chunk of metal in my kitchen. What if a buyer doesn’t plan to have an all modern house? Many beautiful homes trend towards Mediterranean relaxed earth tone & styles, like mine!

  14. Everett Antrican

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  15. A lot of great lighting is something I love in a kitchen! Also, a big island is an ideal layout especially if , like me, you enjoy cooking. Chopping vegetables and preparing marinades is much easier on an island than crammed into counter space. As far as the modern style goes I am a fan of a little more traditional looks.

    Thank you for sharing these kitchen tips! I like your blog, thanks, Betty

  16. This is an informative article on the latest kitchen trends. From my experience, modern and updated kitchens (and bathrooms) definitely help homes and condos sell faster. If you are considering updating your home, kitchens and baths are the high impact, more noticeable areas. Thanks, Betty!

  17. Elin Axelsson

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  18. I ran across this post, still applies today! Thanks!