Can Certain ‘Lucky’ Numbers Better Your Selling Chances?

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  1. I agree and disagree on this. The idea of bargain pricing such as seeing department store items and gas prices ending with a 9 does make a difference in the minds of buyers, but when you add into the fact that now being a single dollar short of a full number such as $150,000, you just removed your home from an entire section of pricing points that people looking being $140K-$150K will see, but NOT the people looking between $150K-$160K and for that you loose an entire section of pricing range.
    If they would price at $150K, then they attract and are seen by both the $140K-$150K and the $150K-$160K range buyers and if anything will make them look like a great deal being at the bottom of the $150K-$160K range, where as they are on the Top End of the $140K-$149K range if they use 9’s.

  2. Great call, Ryan. I use this strategy when listing all the time. After you’ve just explained how critical online marketing is, this next move just makes sense.

  3. That was an interesting side that I’m sure most of us had not noticed before. Well, lucky or not lucky, but I believe in the psychological aspect of tagging a price ending in 9…a trick that sellers must definitely make use of!

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