What Do Home Buyers Want Today?

What Home Buyers Want Today

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  1. Real Estate Buyers want Lower Prices. Real Estate Sellers want Higher Prices. This will never change. In Calgary Alberta the real estate has grown out from the City Center over the years like the rings of growth on trees. And each ring has homes that are a direct reflection of the times they were built in. Huge families were raised in 1,000 sq ft bungalows built in the 50’s and 60’s that today’s no kids families won’t go near because they are too small. I wonder what people 50 years from now will think of the McMansions….

  2. The styles and trends always change, no doubt about that. However, the latest trend of moving to smaller homes or condos is new to us all. It seems as if the American dream was to get the largest home you could afford. Now its more about affordability and a great city central location. Thanks for the great article.