Hottest Remodeling Job Isn’t the Kitchen

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  1. Bathroom remodeling has been on the rise in the last 3 years in particular. You list some low cost ways to spruce up the bathroom; I have a few additional ideas to add to your list.

    Sometimes you can give your bathroom a fresh new look with minimal effort and cost by doing some of the following.

    1. Repaint
    2. Change the bathroom vanity hardware to something more attractive
    3. Replace an existing light fixture
    4. Replace an existing sink faucet

    If you are really in the mood for change without engaging in a full blown remodel, you can change to a different vanity.

    These small upgrades can really pay for themselves quickly if you are planning on selling your home or just enjoying it more while you are living there.

    Brad Thomas
    Classic Clawfoot Tubs

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  3. Great article! I have been working on getting my house ready for sale and I keep seeing the bathroom as a great remodeling point. People want a great bathroom and also the rise is people living in their homes until they pass has drawn great attention to the accessibility of the bathroom. Thanks once again and remember small things like grab bars can be hidden in plain site and still add massive value to your home.

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