10 Easy Staging Tips for Curb Appeal

By Kimberly McMahon, Let’s Organize/Let’s Move

No matter the asking price, simple curb appeal changes can set the scene to immediately attract buyers to a property. Data shows that a majority of home buyers look at properties online or drive by before contacting an agent. As a result, the exterior of the property is always a major selling point.

The decision to buy starts when the prospects step out of their car in front of the property. Prospects will immediately imagine what their friends and family will think when they drive up.

Here are 10 easy steps to make the most of your curb appeal. (It is well worth the expense to hire someone to make these changes if you do not have the time!)

1. Make sure the lawn is mowed and the landscaping is pristine. Keep your gardens neat and healthy, and repair visible damage.

2. Clear the yard. Remove any visible trash cans, toys, tools, rusted outdoor furniture, old lumber, or yard debris.

3. Paint house trim and touch up concrete steps to freshen the look.

4. Paint the front door to give it a fresh look. Repair screens and screen doors.

5. Invest in a new and colorful welcome mat at the front door.

6. Add a potted plant to the side of the front door.

7. Replace the old brass doorknob and lock with brushed nickel.

8. Make sure the street numbers are polished, in place, and easy to see, even if this requires some major shrub or flower trimming. If your street numbers are painted on the curb, repaint them.

9. Replace that old, rusty mailbox in favor of a sleek, modern one. If your mailbox is attached to the house, replace it to match new hardware on the front door handle.

10. Wash all of your windows inside and out. The sparkle will show.

Curb appeal is extremely important when prospects are first beginning to make decisions about which properties they want to see with an agent. These simple changes will differentiate your property from others on the same street or nearby.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kimberly McMahon is the co-owner of Let’s Organize/Let’s Move, a firm offering organization and move management services in Fulton, Md. The company’s services include professional organization, staging, downsizing with overall move management. The goal is to offer simple and gentle transition, whether a person is downsizing, upsizing or “rightsizing.” Contact McMahon at  Kim@letsmovllc.com.

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  1. Taking proper care of your curb appeal will surely give it a pleasing look.

  2. I agree, very important for a home to look the best it can right form the start.

  3. I agree, a home should look the best it can. Just like when folks go to sell their car, they usually wash and wax it.

  4. Making a good first impression should definitely be at the top of the list for anyone who is selling their home.

  5. these tips are easy and simple … simply put into practice for best results

  6. Great article. It is a very competitive market right now so any advantage you can give yourself in selling your home helps. I would definitely add getting your roof cleaned to the list. It makes a big difference in the exterior look and adds curb appeal.