Does Staging Work? Share Your Success Stories

By Barb Schwarz,

One of the greatest rewards of my career has always been to hear from stagers and real estate agents on their staging success stories. Over the years the stories are many, and I thought I would take this opportunity to share a few of these stories on the difference home staging can make for real estate agents and their sellers.

The following are some stories we collected from graduates of the Accredited Staging Professional® program. Then, chime in with your stories on how staging has made a difference in your business!

A Quick Sale

“A vacant house sold three days after I staged it. The new buyers even wanted to purchase all of my furniture with the house! The house had been on the market 210 days prior to staging.”

Home Owner’s Homework

“A home owner had a staging consultation. He listened very carefully, asked lots of questions, and then went to work on the undecorating, decluttering, and a little furniture rearranging. He laughed when I told him that opening up the living room curtains would earn him at least $500. He finished his list of ‘homework’ and then had the open house on June 16. Eleven couples showed up for the open house. One offer came in that night and two more in the next two days. It sold in three days. The owner worked hard, but it paid off. Staging consultation on June 4 – moved out and closed by July 6th.” –Tracy Susick of Room Works, Meadville, Pa.

‘Stage to Live’

“The home owner was very aware of how the market had slowed down. She knew that she had to do everything in her power to stand out against the competition and to price the home right. She called me to preview the property and an appointment was set up. She had a few pieces of furniture, but had basically moved out most of her personal belongings. After looking at what I had to work with, I was confident that I could make this home look great! With a few accessories, table settings, plants, artwork, toss pillows, bedding and lamps, I was able to turn the interior into something that any potential buyer would be proud to call home. I asked the home owner if I could leave my fliers and cards out to promote my business and she was receptive. After the staging, she called and left me such a great message. She said this house has never looked so good and would like me to ‘stage to live’ her new home. For me the best part of the job is getting the wonderful comments and appreciation from the clients. It makes it all worthwhile.” –Kelly Holland of Staged with Style

Now it’s your turn! Do you have a staging success story? I invite readers of this blog to share in the comment section what you’ve accomplished by adding staging to your business model or marketing efforts. Whether you’re a real estate agent or a stager, please share how staging made a difference for everyone involved.

Barb Schwarz

Barb Schwarz

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Barb Schwarz, ASP, ASPM, AB, IAHSP, is the creator of Home Staging® and the CEO of She is the IAHSP founder and chairwoman of The Board of The International Association of Home Staging Professionals® and Foundation.

  1. Staging helps seller avoid foreclosure

    A seller facing possible foreclosure called me in to see if staging could help sell her home before the bank foreclosed. She did not want to lose all of the equity from her home. The bank worked with her and gave her some time to get it sold. She was a very motivated seller and was the perfect client. She followed all of my directions with out questioning them. She called in favors from family and friends. They made repairs, did some painting, updated a bathroom faucet, and removed some furnishings and basement clutter.
    She was finally ready for me to “work my magic”. The furniture was rearrange. I brought in some curtains, art and accessories and transformed the house. With a lot of hard work and determination the staging was successful. The house sold in 50 days. She was able to move on and get a fresh start with money in her pocket.
    A very rewarding experience for all.
    Sharon McConnell, Park Ave Home Staging & Redesign