What Will Be Hot in Home Interiors in 2012?

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  1. I’m not sure making furniture lower to the floor is the right answer to our growing population of senior citizens. Product designers have already made text so small that it’s impossible to read. Now we will have furniture so low to the ground that it will be impossible to stand up with the aid of handrails? What brilliant idea can we come up with next? I can appreciate the visual, but what ever happened to ‘form follows function’?

  2. Anita Becker

    Not a good idea, having seating closer to the floor, when one considers that the largest segment of the population is reaching upper middle age.

  3. mavis sears

    These points ARE NOT NEW TRENDS…………………..As a designer for 35 years, i suggest Realtors get with the program and really assess trends…some
    of these ideas are over 10 years old!

  4. I am glad you enjoyed the trends and thanks for the reposting! I hope your readers enjoy it too. Wishing you a wonderful and prosperous 2012.
    PS low seating is but one trend, and as a trend, it is not for all markets 🙂

  5. I love the idea of putting the color yellow in a room along with a shade of gray. I think that’s a brilliant idea to spruce up the interior of any home. I personally love rustic pieces of decor for my home because it gives off a certain warmth and relaxing ambiance.