Can You Retrofit Older Homes to Increase Resale Value?

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  1. Converting existing homes into green residences is a good investment for house owners. Some may argue that it can be pricey but they should think of the benefits that they can have with a green home, not only to the people living in the house but also to the environment.

  2. I am seeing more and more home owner looking for energy saving products for their home. As a BPI building specialist, and approved KY State Energy Contractor, I can help home owners with a laundry list of low cost, hgih energy saving products. First thing owners think about is window replacement, but some of the best savings are duct sealant, hot water tank replacement, insulation in walls and attic. For more information email me your questions.

  3. It’s true that many homeowners are unaware of these available options. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Definitely! Still an important issue to consider at present.