Before You List, Must-do Showing Tips

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  1. Remember that neutral doesn’t always mean beige. Try gray. I’ve done that at several properties with much success.

  2. Thank You this will be helpful to pass along to sellers

  3. Sharon is simply one of the BEST stagers we have worked with. Clients love her and I have seen the checklists first hand that she gives to the clients. She is one in a million and we are very luck to be working with her!!!!!!!

  4. Maryann Guertin

    Nice ,good start for agents, with a client that needs to remove clutter, and redo the house for showings.

  5. Pearl says:
    It would be GREAT if sellers have the money to do big repairs……and buy matchy-matchy appliances…..and paint..etc.let alone BUY or RENT updated furniture.
    Most who are selling now in the MetroWest area of Boston cannot ,due to low funds; hence, the reason for selling their home in the first place.
    It is necessary, however, to explain to them the magic of soap, water, and cleaning fluids! Clutter is free to hide ( better still, discard); cat liitter boxes….free to clean……
    I believe our biggest job, after those things mentioned above, is to prepare your buyers….and if another agent is showing your listing, prepare them! Don’t be lazy.
    A litlle conversation goes a long way.

  6. Great and useful tips. Thank you for sharing!