Colorful Interiors: What Are the Top Color Picks for 2012?

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  1. I have always been attracted to the colors that appear in nature and I am happy that people are bringing those colors to their walls. I used a beautiful green on an accent wall of a large bath and purchased a painted framed mirror for the opposite wall that had a bit of the same color along with a touch of red, orange and gold. With low voltage hallogen lighting and the new tile floors, I believe this remodeled bath was one reason the home sold so quickly.

  2. Love the colors Mother Nature provides for us but the blue is off. As a color Specialist in Charlotte, the only time clients use a blue that bold is in a baby’s room and even that’s far a few between. Looks good in concept but not in our homes.

    The green and violet are beautiful and I’ve used them often in the homes in South Charlotte – especially the violet which is a sexy master bedroom choice.