Free Home Security Check Info: Don’t Let Sellers Leave Home Without It

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Sellers heading out of town? Not so fast. Make sure they don’t come home to a looted listing by emailing free info on how to do a home security check from the REALTOR® Content Resource.

That’s just one of five free, ready-to-go articles on keeping their home safe that are available through the REALTOR® Content Resource, and which you can email (or post to your blog, Facebook, or Twitter; add to your website or e-newsletter; or brand, print, and hand deliver). Send articles on other hot topics by doing an easy search of the REALTOR® Content Resource by keyword or topic.

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  1. Thanks for the information, I had no idea this even existed until I visited the Realtor link you posted. Very useful though.

  2. Steve Lang

    Great points here and some very usefull tools for your clients. Also, as agents don’t forget to be aware of your personal security as well in these changing times. I have a 30+ year law enforcement background and teach Mental Preparedness Seminars which include; Trusting your intuition (you’re never wrong) Situational Awarness and the What would I do if? game…just to name a few. Just remember, before you can help others, you have to take care of yourself. Thanks for all you guys are doing. Stay safe and have a great 2012…it’s going to get better!