Run a Background Check on a Home

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  1. Excellent information. Especially today, when much of our sales are bank owned where the seller (bank) do not disclose anything to the buyer. For my clients, when the seller is a bank, I call my insurance agent and ask him to run a CLUE report. This is very helpful to know if the house had any serious insurance claims in the past.

  2. Tried a BuildFax on a Windham County Connecticut home and fould that they have only 18% coverage in this state. Did not have our property. Looks like they are in a “development ” mode. They certainly can’t charge a fee if they don’t have the data.

    I wish them luck. Good Idea.

  3. Encourage your local board to get into this system. Great Idea for my Buyers.

  4. emily

    I did such things so I’d like to share this with you. I did many background checks on homes and the most effective way to do them is to ask the neighbors about the history of a home because they know it in detail….and they can tell you if the people that lived there were taking care of it or not….and I can assure you that such details can’t be found using another method.

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  7. All very good! The disclosure is surely a selling point!

  8. This will do a lot in minimizing surprises later on.

  9. The repair history will help in determining related problems.