Prepping a Home for Sale: Simple Staging Tips for Inside and Out

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  1. Concise and to the point. Don’t skip a step! They’re all important!

  2. This is really good post for property dealers. They can get all the information of sold houses. Please share some more pictures of those houses, which are for sale.

  3. Great list of tips for getting your home ready for sale!

  4. rey

    new way for home staging, the virtual home staging is the future

  5. I like the opening statement – “not to show it until its truly ready and beats the competition” – so true. We have had homes listed above the neighboring properties BUT staged 100% better and the buyers select us every time, they do pay more for a staged home every time. Great tips!

  6. Love this article! I’m excited to share it with my Realtor customers and clients!

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