Your Favorite Staging Accessories

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  1. My favorite accessories start in the bathroom. I like to start with fresh neutral paint-colors which may include putty colors, golden yellows, apple green and even crisp white. A new shower curtain in a textured white fabric. Then you can accessorize with colored towels in apple green, black , white, browns or yellows with companion rugs. I then add metal stars to the wall decor and at least 1 framed piece of art. I have even added wide ribbon to neutral roman shades to make them look more expensive. A fun touch is cutting ribbon and tying them around the curtain rings in companion colors matching the towels. The bathroom becomes a polised space that will compliment every room of the house. Most importantly understand the demographic buyer for the subject home and decorate age appropriately and have fun!

  2. I am a very strong advocate of being proactive when listing a home or any type of Real Estate that is going on the market. The majority of homes that I sell are located in the greater Philadelphia area and more specifically, Bucks and Montgomery Counties. During every listing presentation I tour the home and during the interview I alway recommend the services of a professional stager. I have been working with Creative Staging since 2006 and they provide a written comprehensive analysis for every home that I list. It is a statistical fact that staged homes sell quicker and for more money! Listed below is a blog written by Julie Pelly, President/Owner of Creative Staging Inc.

    When selling a house, there are so many variables that are out of the control of a homeowner such as the location or the condition of a neighbor’s property. However, there is one thing EVERY homeowner can fully control and that is how their house presents for sale. This is why Staging is a “MUST-DO” for every seller before they put their house on the market.

    The need for Staging is NOT an indication that a homeowner has “bad taste” or is a poor decorator – NOT AT ALL! Staging is all about Strategic Marketing. Homeowners are often hesitant to meet with a Stager, fearful of hearing everything that something is “wrong” with their house and that fear couldn’t be more unfounded! As President of Creative Staging Inc. since 2002, I have NEVER criticized a homeowner’s décor, taste or way of living; I certainly would not want anyone to do that to me! How a homeowner decorates to live in a home and how one presents a house for sale are significantly different. My job is to take away buyer objections BEFORE they occur! I will look at a room with an objective eye and determine what will likely be viewed as a “buyer negative” and then I eliminate it. It could be a perceived lack of storage space, the room could look small, perhaps furniture layout could be improved, the room might look dark or the colors might be personalized and potential buyers might not be in a financial position to customize your house to their taste. Whatever the issue may be, we identify it and take it away before buyers get a chance to see it.

    A professional Stager will work closely with an experienced Realtor® to determine the demographic of the “most likely buyer” of a particular house. Then the Stager will get to work and make sure the house is prepared to target that audience. In Bucks County, for example, a four Bedroom Colonial in Buckingham Township may likely to be purchased by a growing family or a couple and may get a different “look” than a condo in New Hope Boro or Solebury Township, where the likely next owner might be professionals or a new first time homeowner. When a potential buyer walks in and instantly is able to imagine moving right into your house, my job is done! Remember, that you may only get one opportunity to showcase your home and you want it to look its best the first timethat a potential home buyer walks through. This means from exterior curb appeal to each and every room in the home.

    Staging works and a “staged house” stands above its competition! In this Real Estate market, our Staged houses are selling in an average of 27 days! Please contact me today and as part of your team, I’ll make sure your house looks its best and is ready to sell!

    Julie Pelly
    President/Owner Creative Staging Inc.
    Phone: 215.322.4450
    Fax: 215.654.6176

  3. Home Staging is as much art as it is science. Every stager has their own personal touch that they add to a home. That is what makes it so much fun. I find towels can be a wonderful addition to any bathroom when staging.

  4. My favorite staging accessory is beautiful Persian Rugs. Nothing speaks of elegance and value like a Persian rug, in the correct size, to anchor a room. I use them in mid-price and luxury homes and we use real ones, not nylon knock-offs from discount stores. I think they really make the homes we stage stand out. They add perceived value to the home and speak of a more lux lifestyle.