Real Estate Math: What Can Increase and Decrease a Home’s Value

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  1. Thanks for giving use more numbers that reinforce how much staging is worth the investment.

  2. kevin

    I think the way a seller takes care of the property can increase or decrease a home’s value. My Las Vegas property management agent showed me some properties where the grass was uncut, the walls were cracked and other small things that can decrease the value. So if someone wants to avoid this decrease, he should hire a professional to handle with this stuff, because it’s very ugly to see those things.

  3. Very good points as to how to increase value in any market. The math is a liitle far fetched in my opinion – $700 fresh towels and throw pillows resulting in $25k added value – really?? Anyways good advice to add value.

  4. Deborah

    The information in this article may be useful, but the article itself is almost useless. It’s ridiculous to say that by investing X one will reap Y, unless Y is a percentage of former value. If one installs $20K worth of cabinets the price will not go up $100K on a house that would otherwise have sold for $250K. Obviously it depends on the market. Making claims relative to percentage of change might be more relevant to readers throughout the country.

  5. Gary Hoeferkamp

    Please remove or update this article with realistic figures. Do you really think that $700 in pillows and towels are going to raise the value $25,000??? And $2000 in light fixtures is going to raise the value $32,000??? This is extremely misleading.

  6. Shirley Knox

    What Planet do you live on??? Are you for real? All Realtor’s do not hang their license in Beverly Hills! This is not realistic.

  7. RealEstateSunshine

    WOW! $25k return on $700 investement? Perhaps the pillows and towels are made of gold? give me a break. This is totally insane.

  8. Hmmm…. I have to totally agree with some commenters on this subject….. OR, I have to go out right now and get my hands on as many fresh towels as I can, because, you see, I am showing a home with 6 baths.
    Let’s see, if I put fresh towels in ALL 6 bathrooms, I guess I can increase the value by as much as $600,000 !! Woo-Hoo ! I’ll take the rest of the year off !!!!!!

  9. Nancee

    I wouldn’t want to dry myself off with those towels. Afraid I’d run a thread and it’d cost me 5 grand!!

  10. Quite interesting… but I could hardly absorb the idea of the increase… My eyes popped with the digits…

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