Share Your Thoughts: How Do You Battle the Neighborhood Eyesore?

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  1. It’s not very creative, but why not call your local codes department?

  2. We are called on to handle this situation frequently.
    On the outside: Fences make good neighbors. So does landscaping with arborvitae shrubs – a fast fix worth the investment.
    Inside: Use plantation blinds turned down so the light comes in but the view does not.
    Margaret Innis, Decorate To Sell, Andover, Massachusetts

  3. I have a listing just one house away from the beach and ocean views. The “less than ideal looking” home which includes a Winebago that is never going anywhere is in a direct line to part of the view. I generally offer suggestions to clients on growing a line of shrubs but also point out the importance of getting to know and appreciate these neighbors with acceptance and understanding.

  4. I knock on the door of the eyesore property and congradulate them with, “You won a free yard cleanup.” If the property is vacant, I maintain the yard within reason.

  5. Shawn Jackson

    Shawn Jackson says,in response to Melissa Innis, just the opposite pull the verts to the side and stare at that I sore
    Until my idea s become over powering to the point were i present these ideas to the maker of this incredible eye sore.for outside refacing.Why ?Because i am very Idealistic

  6. mary cioffi

    A builder bought 46 lots in a subdivision The home across the street from the prime lot, ideal for his model home was painted brillient purple. He offered to buy the paint to repaint the home if they could agree on a conservative color. The money he spent was the best investment.