6 Do-It-Yourself Updates That Can Increase Home’s Value By More Than $10,000

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  1. These tips are fantastic! Another couple of projects that I saw a lot of people do when I produced My House Is Worth What on HGTV is painting and using molding. These projects can add significantly to the value of the home too since they help the home’s presentation. Just make sure to pick a paint color that is appealing and not too taste specific or dark.

  2. This is excellent advise. Sellers often expect to sell their home in a week or less, but make the mistake of listing it before they clean it. I wish there was a statistic for how many property’s would have sold if it looked good before it was put on market. Great article!!! Presentation is everything… and clean that bathroom!!!

  3. Great tips for homeowners and investors selling homes in the current market. Every bit helps and a sure way to invest capital for a significant return.

  4. This is an excellent guide that we will utilize with clients to help us illustrate with who wish to sell properties or even increase rent values for properties that they ask us to manage. People rarely realize renting a home in a competitive market requires a home to have a better curb appeal than similarly situated homes

  5. Good stuff! Now…to convince all the home sellers of how important this is. I know many Realtors who won’t take listings if the sellers aren’t willing to put in the work to get the property ready. It’s a very competitive marketplace, and the smart Realtors know that they don’t want to sit on a “toxic” listing that eventually expires because the sellers weren’t willing to make the simple changes you’ve outlined above.

  6. Excellent tips! I feel all 6 of these tips are a must for all sellers or lessors and should be done prior to placing their home on the market. These tips should be in a REALTORS® checklist for homeowners in preparing and staging the home for sale or rent.

    Thanks for the tips!

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