Snakes on the House! How’d You Like to Try to Sell This House?

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  1. This would have solved the problem of the “rats for pets” clients I had late last year.

  2. I wonder if a pest control company can do soemthing about this? If they are coming from a below ground snake pit couldn’t they just put chemicals in the ground maybe monthly until they are gone? Snakes have to die from some kind of poison so can’t it just be found? I hate it when a good house can’t be saved!

  3. I watched an episode on TV recently that covered the same issue. The home owners had to do the same thing (abandon the home) but only after exhausting there savings trying to get ride of the snakes. They bought the home as a foreclosure and so no disclosures were made. I feel bad for the next owners that will be also purchasing is as a foreclosure.

  4. Laurie

    You know, I’m sorry, but I am finding this a bit hard to believe. Before the buyers purchased the home, they would of noticed, by doing investigations, or purly just hanging out at their new home to be (provided it was empty, most probably a forclosure) that there were snakes.
    And, if it was sold from a home owner, you are looking at a lawsuit for non-disclosure. Nope…I don’t think I buy this one!

  5. terry

    Decades ago, there was a new home built about 7 miles from where I live today. A nice, single story rambler type home, a way’s off the main road, yet, visible. Anyways after about 5 years, I noticed there was a “temporary” chain link fence around the property. I asked a local cop about it and he said the place was abandoned by the owners due to snake infestation. Seemed it was built on a snake pit, but they didn’t know it until 5 years later. Today, the house still stands,,, empty, with the same chain link fence surrounding it.

  6. carole

    i know how to get ride of then i want that house now let talk email me now