Kitchen Remodels: Sinks Get Fancy, Colors Go Neutral

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  1. Love this article! When I worked on ‘My House is Worth What?’ on HGTV I got to see some homeowners doing these things before they were trendy. In the Northeast, especially in Vermont I saw many people experimenting with using green materials and now I think it’s safe to say green is more than a trend. I think it’s telling that kitchen are going high-tech. It used to be that only the luxurious kitchens had all the impressive technology. However when it comes down to it, kitchens are all about function. Since so many families spend the majority of time in their kitchen, it makes sense that technology would be more integrated.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. The kitchen is always the first thing I look at to decide whether a home is a possibility!

  3. Judy Dendy

    So tired of blah, blah, blah neutrals. A recent buyer I sold a house to specifically bought the red kitchen as I had showed her so many neutrals, she was just sick of no personality. I love Colorburst because he’s not afraid to put personality into any room Personally I’ll be glad to see neutrals bite the dust. Bring on the colors and yes, even, interesting wallpapers.

  4. sharon lunski

    Bah humbug to neutrals in kitchens….unless I’m selling a home. If I am living in it..I want color on the walls, whether it be an accent color on one wall or a kitchen in a creamy yellow…or a pale sherbert orange…..or whatever color puts a smile on your face.

  5. Joaquin Erazo, Jr.

    Dear Melissa,

    Thank you for referring to my article! Your readers can find many more articles about remodeling on our remodeling blog!

    Judy and Sharon, you are perfectly right that neutrals are not for everyone. Many of our customers choose a neutral paint for their kitchens then either accessorize it or with a striking backsplash!