Fall Garden Favorites: Radishes

By Sonja Greenlee, kitchen gardener for The DS Team

radishesLush gardens and planters sprouting life can make a huge difference to the curb appeal of a home – even in the autumn season. So if your clients are looking for a hardy vegetable to add to outdoor pots, or to spruce up a fall garden, tell them to try planting radishes. They are easy to grow, sprout in three to five days, and are ready to eat in four to five weeks.

Plus, radishes are a great fall weather crop. These shade-tolerant plans also work well in the southern region of the U.S. in the winter when temperatures are in the 70s.

Sow the tiny radish seeds in half-inch deep, well-worked soil. Plant in rows or in a mass; just remember to thin so the plants are two to three inches apart once the root systems are established. Be sure to harvest the plants before the roots get too big, or they will crack and become woody.

In addition to bringing life to the garden, radishes will bring life to the kitchen. Cut off the tops and give them a good washing. Radishes will store in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. They are high in vitamin C and have plenty of fiber. Raw radishes are wonderful in salad or as a crudités, and radish greens are edible as well!


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sonja Greenlee is a special correspondent for The DS Team and is the culinary columnist for The Sanford Herald in Sanford, Fla. She is the mother of three and grandmother of two, who maintains residences in Florida and New Hampshire.

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  2. Interesting articles on planting radishes and recipes sharing. Do you really able to grow them in your garden. If so, am sure you have a beautiful garden where you can relax and enjoy the nature environment. Care to share and comment more about the furnishings of your garden ?

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