Small Is ‘In’, Formal Spaces ‘Out’

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  1. Thank you for featuring this trend. The home staging tips are all excellent and many of these were ones that I heard real estate agents suggest to sellers all across the country when I worked on HGTV’s “My House Is Worth What.” Between 2003-2008 when the market was on fire McMansions were hot. However with the decline in many real estate markets it makes sense that practicality would be favored over extravagence. Interestingly a McMansion is classified as a home that is typically over 3,000 sq. ft. It’s definitely possible to make a “small” house that is under 3,000 feel large and these tips should really do the trick!

  2. Christina Monaghan

    After years of being overwhelmed by home maintenance, I purchased 2 small properties. One is a 860 sq ‘ brand new home w/2car garage and 10’x40′ covered patio (winter home) and the other is a 388sq’ studio condo (summer home) in the downtown area of the city where my daughter and granddaughter live. I love my FREEDOM! Last summer I traveled from Arizona to Nova Scotia and down the Atlantic and Gulf coasts back to AZ. This year I will conquer the Pacific coast all the way to Alaska. No one needs to “take care” of either home. I lock the front door and leave. Yes, I did have to downsize my possessions, but they no longer own me.