Solve Design Issues On-the-Go with 4 iPhone Apps

By Erica Christoffer, Contributing Editor, REALTOR® Magazine

Help clients see the design potential in a living space instantly. Change the dining room color from lemon yellow to plum purple — before painting. Rearrange new furniture — before moving day. Get staging tips, watch design videos, and add curb appeal with these four iPhone apps.

Home Interior Layout Designer Home Interior Layout Designer – Mark On Call

M.O.C. Interior Designer, LLC


Customize the layout of a kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, and more with the Home Interior Layout Designer app. Created by interior designer Mark Lewison, “Mark On Call,” and based on his book, “What Would You Do With This Room,” this app even lets you take pictures of actual décor and architectural finishes, such as carpet, flooring, rugs, etc., and add them as a “skin” to a surface in your virtual design plan. Use the palette of colors, patterns, fabrics, furnishings, wood, and stone options to explore the design potential of a room. The app also offers a measuring tool, design advice, sharing of designs between app users, and the ability to make a shopping list for all your customized home purchases.

hgtv appHGTV’s Staging and Property

Scripps Networks, LLC


This app offers the “best of” from HGTV, including real estate videos, pictures, tips, and advice. Watch clips of HGTV shows “Curb Appeal,” “Designed to Sell,” and more. Getting ready for an open house? Look up tips and tutorials on staging and design for better buyer appeal. And see before and after photo slideshows of room transformations.




Take a picture of a room, a wall, or the exterior of a home, then upload it to the ColorChange app to try out different colors on any surface in the image. Did your client wonder aloud what the bedroom would look like in a shade of green? Give them a visualization of that color in seconds. The app also comes with editing tools to alter the brightness, saturation, even zoom-in or erase. Save images in a photo gallery to compare the same room in different paint colors.

eden garden designer_screen02Eden Garden Designer

Herbaceous Software, Inc.


When a home is for sale during the winter or spring, it might be hard for a buyer to picture what the yard or garden will look like in the warmer months. Now you can show them with Eden Garden Designer. This app lets you create and share a virtual garden. Either snap a picture of the yard/garden, or use one of the preloaded images that best suits the home. Maybe you want to add new plants or landscaping – try as many plant and landscape combinations as you like. If you know what’s already in the garden, select and arrange those plants and flowers to  see how the garden will look in any season.

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  1. I find these aps to be very handy for those who just cannot seem to “see” what I am trying to enplane. I don’t know how I survived without them!

  2. Kay Phillips

    I would love it if you could start putting out apps for the Droid as well.


  3. Donna Johnson

    Under the 1st app, MarkOnCall, reference is made to the color “pallet.” Oh, please! That’s what sod is delivered on! It’s “palette,” as any design professional should know!
    Also, I’m certain “patter” should be “pattern.” Successful design is all about the details, as it is in writing. There is no excuse for these kinds of errors in articles which appear in NAR’s national magazine!

  4. Erica Christoffer

    Thank you, Donna. The errors on this blog post were corrected!
    Erica Christoffer
    Web Producer
    REALTOR(R) Magazine

  5. Marlow

    I too have a droid phone & would love to have acccess to this type of product, Thanks Marlow

  6. michael link

    thanks for the great tips on the latest iPhone apps. Thanks Mike, keep up the good work.

  7. Terry

    I would like to see these apps on the droid. Thank you