“I Don’t Do Windows” – Not Something You Want to Say When Selling Your Home

By Charlene Storozuk

windowtreatment_charleneJust as your eyes are the mirror to your soul, the “soul” of your house is mirrored by your windows. Make sure you don’t neglect them when preparing a property for sale.

In fact, Feng Shui principles view the windows as the eyes of a home.

Here are a few pre-listing tips for making the most of your windows:

1. Make sure that every window sparkles — both inside and out. Not only will it give a property that well-kept look, it will also let more light into each room which is very important for showings.

2. Replace any cracked window panes.

3. Repair and neatly paint weathered window frames.

4. Inspect all windows to ensure that they open. Make sure that all paint is removed from the panes. A razor blade, used with caution, will usually work well to scrape off unsightly paint.

5. All windows should have window treatments. A “naked” window gives a room a cold, unwelcoming feel. Select a treatment that is suitable to the size and shape of each window. Make sure that it also compliments other decor in the room.

6. If there are no treatments on the windows, gear the amount spent on treatments to the price point of the property. For example, a budget blind may work quite well in the den of an entry-level home, however, in a multi-million dollar property, that just won’t fly.

7. A quick fix for a window with no treatment: Install a decorative curtain rod with interesting finials. Purchase a neutral fabric remnant and drape it over the rod in a swag-like manner.

8. Open all drapery and blinds for showings and open houses. (Back to point No. 1 about letting in as much light as possible.)

9. Avoid heavy, ornate drapery. It tends to make a room appear smaller.

10. Remove outdated window treatments. They will add years to your home’s perceived age.

11. To make windows appear higher, hang the curtain rod further up above the top frame of window. For even more height, use floor length drapes.

These are just a few tips to get you well on your way. Feel free to add more to the list.


Charlene Storozuk

Charlene Storozuk


Charlene Storozuk is the owner of Dezigner Digz, a professional home staging and interior decorating company based in Burlington, Ontario.  Her work is featured in the book FabJob Guide To Become A Home Stager, 2009 edition. She serves as regional vice-president, Canada for the Real Estate Staging Association and is a past recipient of the North American Leadership Award for her work as founder and president of the Halton & Hamilton-Wentworth RESA Chapter.

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  1. Charlene, excellent points that are so often overlooked in the rush to get a house ready to go on the market. Clean, simple, updated and neutral are the words a seller should keep in mind. Neutral doesn’t mean boring, it just means “Not Distracting”.

  2. Thanks for the great tips Charlene! I always tell people to take their cues from the professionals (i.e. new home builders and their model homes) — they never have dirty windows, screens or heavy draperies or window treatments blocking the views.

  3. Many people underestimate how effective new window treatments can be when trying to sell their home. Window treatments that insulate can add even more value to your home as the next owners will benefit from the energy savings.

  4. I have taken Charlene’s window tips to heart. I’ve posted some before and after photos on http://www.realhelprealestate.com if you’d like to see them. Bottom line is the most recent listing that has followed all of my advice was under contract in 24 hours with a higher priced backup offer coming in the next day! Thanks Charlene! Wow.