From the International Builders’ Show: Reach Out to the ‘Green Goddess’

By Erica Christoffer, Contributing Editor, REALTOR® Magazine

green_goddess_home_buyerAbout twice as many single women purchase homes than single men, accounting for 20 percent of all home buyers. So, if you’re serious about selling homes – especially homes with green features – single women are the ones to watch.

To address this very statistic, Sara Lamia, president of Building Coach Inc.,was one of three panelists presenting her take on selling green to women during day one of the International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas Tuesday. Fittingly, the session was entitled, “Evolution of the Green Goddess: Green Technologies Women Want and How to Capture Her Buying Power.” Here are a few of her trends and tips to connect women with green:

Think First Date: On a first date, people are conscious of how they look, how they act, and what they say. They want to put their best foot forward, to be impressive without being overwhelming. The same goes for selling to women, Lamia says. “In order to get more sales, you need to have more first dates.”

Green Chic Appeal: What is green chic? Lamia describes it as fashionable, affluent and intelligent – without sacrifice. Take recycled glass, for example. It’s inexpensive, versatile in appearance, and lends well to storytelling. When a friend comes over and asks what the countertops are made of, a buyer can feel good explaining that it’s recycled glass products.

A Healthier Environment: The impact of air quality gets across loud and clear to female buyers, Lamia says. But also think slightly off the beaten path, such as central vacuum systems that pull dust and particles out of the air.

Custom “Sexy” Green: You know those old laundry shoots that were once commonplace in homes? Now think about custom recycling shoots! No more paper grocery bags under the sink.

Get to Know Sales Associates: The people who work in green product stores are the ones who have daily contact with potential buyers who truly care about going green. Get to know those sales associates and learn the needs of their client base… which can turn into a great way to generate referrals.

Tell Your Green Story: Green issues are hot in the press today and reporters are often looking for human interest pieces. What’s happening with green in your business? Do you have an interesting innovation to share or a unique client you worked with? Pitch your green story, Lamia suggests, and help your green specialty build credibility in the community.

Get Designated: Lamia raves that NAR’s GREEN Designation is an important and growing program that is strengthening the industry. She also encourages green practitioners to team up with green builders to cultivate mutual success and better serve the “Green Goddesses” of tomorrow.

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  1. I just opened the 1st Real Estate Brokerage in north Texas that specializes in “green” and sustainable homes. I am a young single woman as well and this article described perfectly what today’s modern woman is seeking.

    Cheers to 2010!

  2. I’m from Europe and have been living in Arizona since 1996. I have seen this Trend coming , in Germany, where I grew up most of my life, had started this trend decades ago and is now one of the leaders in this Industry. The trend is now tricking to the US market and being a single Mom and business woman my self I too have made the change to go green.
    I got my GREEN designation last year and started seeking out developers worldwide and locally to see the new trends on building green. I will attend the GREEN Conference in California in April, to get the up to date data on all products available to my clients, since this market will grow rapidly and will be the future of many years to come.
    Being in Arizona and having 300 days plus of sunshine, we have great resources to become the market leader in Solar energy. This year we opend a big Solar plant and the future has big Developers looking at Arizona to invest into the GREEN market.

    Green is the future of our children

  3. Green and easy to clean, or at least “easy to look clean” is what appeals to single moms.

  4. One of our companies “core values” is environmental responsibility, most of us are EcoBroker certified and I’m a GREEN designee. Since single female buyers have always been a large part of my business it is great to hear about the green trend now. Through community events and volunteering with an environmental non-profit I have come to meet many women who are concerned about their environment and the planet. A trend I don’t imagine will go away any time soon! West Coast Green Festival and the Green Festival in San Francisco are fabulous events to learn more and network! Check within your own communities with the local recycling coordinator and/or sustainability coordinator for public educational opportunities.