Meet Your Client’s Opposition to Staging Head-on

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  1. Wonderful blog entry – I’m going to forward this to our Realtor database! Thank you Charlene!

  2. Thank you Ashley!

  3. Great topic Charlene, I’m sure Realtors feel that is an obstacle especially with some clients. You’ve given them a great solution of offering consultations as a value-added benefit for their clients.

  4. Charlene,

    When your Realtors recommend you for staging, do they pay for your service or suggest that the homeowner p[ays? The complimentary staging- is that a phone consult or an in-home consult? I just wanted to get a feel for what an experienced Stager does!
    Thanks, Kathy

  5. Cindy – Thank you! I hope that many realtors will find this approach useful.

    Kathy – I apologize for the delay in responding. The realtors I work with pay me for the consultation. They offer this complimentary service to their clients as part of their listing package. If the homeowner decides to have me carry out the suggestions in the consultation report, then the homeowner pays me directly for the staging. These consultations are done in person at the property.

  6. Cindy,
    My business model is as yours. It seems to be catching on more and more as Realtors attend Brokers Open, see the property and meet me.

  7. Great article. I’ve tweeted this posting. I’m a new professional home stager in Indianapolis, IN and find this post very useful in building realtor relationships.

  8. How many times have I had to convince a homeowner to get rid of the life sized portrait of old aunt Edna? I laughed out loud when I read that. Thanks for writing the article. It’s good to see I’m on the right track.