Guiding Your Clients Through Home Modifications

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  1. As a Realtor with a listing that was retrofitted for a residents with physical handicaps, I have been challenged in finding means to market the condo. Neither our association or Chicago’s Department of housing has databases or resources to access potential clients for these properties. In contacting institutions and other organizations, I discovered none of them have any formal of means in which to reach people who these homes would be suitable for.
    Several of the public agencies I contacted said hey do have a need for matching up candidated to ADA accesible housing but no funding to manage or staff such a program

  2. To Andrea,

    There must be an IL rehab program that serves disabled people in the state.There are private disability advocacy and social organizations in every city. Contract them. Most have a list-serve email or a newsletter that would post your listing. Try groups with names like “independent living.” If you can’t find them, call the rehab services to find out who does this work. If you can’t find the rehab services, call a Physical Therapy office, they’ll know.

    Housing departments are not doing enough about this. The advocacy groups do this work.

  3. I was expecting this article to be about loan modifications and was suprised and pleased to find it isn’t.

  4. As a Certified Aging Place (CAPS) Professional it is so exciting to see discussion on this topic. There are many details that need to be considered when planning any remodel for someone with a disability. I encourage any one, considering undertaking such a project, that you include a CAPS certified Professional.