More Mosquito Bites? Blame it on Foreclosures

Photo credit: Orkin Inc.

Photo credit: Orkin Inc.

Another thing to blame the increase in foreclosures on: A surge in the mosquito population.

“Current economic and weather conditions have created the perfect storm for what could be a very troubling mosquito season,” said Ron Harrison, Ph.D., Orkin entomologist and technical director, in a recent press release. “Through May, our mosquito treatments are up more than 20 percent over the first five months of last year.”

Foreclosures can create the perfect home for mosquito swarms because vacant homes tend to have standing water that attract the pesky bugs, as well as holes in windows and doors that mosquitoes can easily slip through.

The prime biting hours for mosquitoes are between dusk and dawn. Here are tips from Orkin on preventing those nuisance mosquito bites:

1. Spray an EPA-registered insect repellent on your skin or clothing (when outside). Wear long sleeves, long pants and socks for added protection.
2. Make sure to empty standing water from gutters, flower pots or birdbaths that are around the home.
3. Ensure screens on windows and doors fit tightly and have no holes, which will help prevent the mosquitoes from entering the home.
4. If the problem is particularly bad, call a pest control professional for information on mosquito control services.<–>

Melissa Tracey

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