What does ‘Britain Got Talent’ Singer Susan Boyle Have to Do With Staging?

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  1. This is very well written and I love your example of the singer. Home staging is important in any market but now more than ever.

  2. Staging, good for the seller, not so for the buyer, IMO.

  3. Christine: Very interesting point to equate home staging with Susan Boyle. We are a visual society. We place so much value on physical appearance. If it doesn’t look good (whatever ‘it’ is), its just not going to garner the attention it may deserve. If a home isn’t professionally staged there is a good chance that it will go unsold longer and when it does sell, it will sell at a lower price. Unstaged homes help sell the staged home down the street.

    I don’t understand the idea that home staging is bad for a home buyer. Most experienced professional home stagers address condition issues with the home seller and encourage them to make repairs. How is that bad for a buyer? Stagers help home sellers remove excess clutter and furniture so a buyer can really get a feel for what a home has to offer. Home stagers create appealing and functional furniture layouts so a buyer can see how to best maximize the space when they move in. I see all of these as pluses for a buyer, not negatives.

    With all the homes on the market now, home sellers have to understand that buyers are going to prejudge their home by what they see in photos on the internet. If the home doesn’t look as good as, or better than other homes at the same price point, it will be dismissed with a click of the mouse. Its not even a matter of buyers making low ball offers – they just won’t show up. Its just they way the business of selling homes works now. We can no longer assume that if we do things the way we used to do them, even 2 or 3 years ago, that we will get a positive outcome.

    Thanks for the interesting statistics and point of view.

  4. Americaneer Says:

    April 22nd, 2009 at 11:28 pm
    Staging, good for the seller, not so for the buyer, IMO.
    CHRISINE RAE to Americaneer
    I concur with Michelle – a properly staged property is a buyers BEST investment; everything is done – its mov ein ready – why is it not a good thing? i dont undertand…its a great service

  5. Ditto, Michelle and Christine. My Realtor experience of 32 years and observing buyers in the process of buying and viewing property is that they take more time in a staged home as it is more welcoming, more open visually and allows them to really SEE what they are buying as it is uncluttered and STAGED for their mind and psyche to be able to absorb what is really there. The talented stagers these days know so much more about demographics and the basics of color, focal point, etc, that the buyer gets to see the maximum potential of a property. They are buying an investment but they want to like it too. Great article. And, might I say Congratulations on being the resident Staging guru on NAR Realtor.com blogging site!!! Well deserved and earned.

  6. Christine: We are looking at different sides of the same coin.

  7. hey this is a very interesting article!

  8. As a CSP with a B,S In Interior Design and now a Realtor.I see the whole picture. I flip through cluttered messes with poor pictures I won’t even show them unless I stage them.
    Staging most definitely benefits the buyer. It is not hiding hidden flaws. The law requires full disclosure on all properties,as well as home inspections.What it does is allow the buyer to see the home and it’s potential through a buyers eyes without having to visualize what it could be. Many great features are sadly overlooked because of lack of highlighting the best features
    The Susan Boyle example is perfect, when searching for a home it’s the same as a blind date. Which would you want to see Susan Boyle or Anjelina Jolie? Even if Susan Boyle can sing better perception is reality. Remember the power of “BLINK”

  9. Very well written article with factual information that is often overlooked by many agents and/or brokers marketing properties. Sellers and Buyers, both benefit from staging. At times, sellers don’t realize the aesthetic, emotional and monetary impact staging provides to potential buyer. As for buyers, they don’t always have the artistic insight to visuals the potential of a home. Again, nice article and look forward to more.

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  11. Home staging is a key component to our increase in home sales. Palm Beach County was hardest hit by the tanking of the real estate market. But clean, well prepared homes are selling fast once again.

  12. Staging has been the key to many of my most successful listings. As much as you want a client to see a home as the potential canvas it could be, there is nothing that works better than making a home up specifically for selling. I often work with interior designers to stage high-end homes and use their knowledge to touch up other properties to make them ready for the sale.

  13. My team and I try to make sure all homes are properly staged, before showing to potential buyers. Every Realtor knows, staging a home is just another important step in the process.

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