KB Homes Tries Tiny Homes to Attract Buyers

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  1. I think the smallest home that will make a good fit for a family size makes sense. But I can understand that the builders will prefer to build what the buyers demand. I think when Mezger talks about age of exuberance, he is referring to age of greed and consumerism.

  2. Using care and good thought, smaller homes can be designed and built to actually be more functional than their massive counterparts. Small homes aren’t just for “cash-strapped” buyers but for responsible buyers or simply those looking for less to take care of. Smaller homes will also help with global warming issues and community sustainability by allowing families to live comfortably and lessen their “imprint” on the environment. While large, spacious homes might seem more elegant, they’re not always efficiently laid out spaces. I’m looking forward to this trend continuing. I hope other builders follow suit.