How Staging Revived a Dated Listing

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  1. Great blog, lots of valuable information. I’ve tried some homestaging, it really does make a big difference in getting more interest in listings.

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  2. Marla Williams

    Hi Martin…

    I love the work you’ve done on this unit…I have always felt an empty canvas was best, but after looking at your before and after pictures I can really see and feel what a difference it makes. I can actually see myself living in this space. Great job.

  3. What an incredible “canvas” you had to start with! You truly made the best of it. Great success story!

  4. AlinaPiech

    I cannot believe this is true!

  5. Properly “staged” even a challenged property can shine. Staging works! Very nice job.


  6. It’s quite amazing the world of difference some greenery from plants can make in giving a space some much needed “life”!