Top 5 Preferences for Kitchen, Bathroom, and More

By Melissa Dittmann Tracey

LAS VEGAS – Check the lists below to see if any of your listings include any of these home features. If so, you might have an extra selling point to attract buyers. According to the National Association of Home Builders’ Consumer Preferences survey, these are the features most in demand among today’s buyers.

Top 5 Kitchen Features
1. Walk in pantry: 86 percent
2. Island work area: 80 percent
3. Special use storage (custom made for appliances): 66 percent
4. Built-in microwave: 72 percent
5. Drinking water filtration: 69 percent

Top 5 Bathroom Features
1. Linen closet: 89 percent
2. Exhaust fan: 88 percent
3. Separate shower enclosure: 79 percent
4. Water temperature control: 79 percent
5. Whirlpool tub: 66 percent

Top 5 Specialty Areas
1. Laundry room: 92 percent
2. Dining room: 81 percent
3. Home office: 71 percent
4. Den/library: 63 percent
5. Sun room: 53 percent

Top 5 Decorative Features
1. Ceiling fan: 83 percent
2. Built-in shelving: 70 percent
3. Window seats: 51 percent
4. Woodburning fireplace: 48 percent
5. Gas fireplace: 48 percent

Top 5 Community Features Preferred
1. Walking/jogging trails: 49 percent
2. Park area: 46 percent
3. Outdoor swimming pool: 39 percent
4. Lake: 34 percent
5. Playgrounds: 32 percent

Melissa Tracey

Melissa Dittmann Tracey is a contributing editor for REALTOR® Magazine, writing about home & design trends, technology, and sales and marketing. She manages the magazine's award-winning Styled, Staged & Sold blog.

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  1. Fads falling out of style–In addition to living rooms, in sunny & warm Sarasota, FL, formal dining rooms are also losing their appeal. Does it make any sense in a home when you can be outdoors at least 9 months of the year to have 3 dining areas in a home–1) formal, 2) in kitchen or breakfast “nook” & 3) outdoors on the lanai? In homes as small as 1600 square feet this has been done. Lifestyles here in average homes (and even large ones) are tending toward the casual. Customers would like to see a better use of space.

  2. We are in a resort area of Missouri (Lake) and of course a view is very important…whether it is the lake..mountains…golf course..etc.

    Dining rooms are also not as desirable as a covered outdoor dining area (patio or deck).

    Lots of glass and natural light are the biggest attraction….hardwood floors…again light reflection. Open space with good traffic flow for family and entertaining

  3. Family structure and modern cultural family dynamics have really changed since 1950….especially since the 1960’s free sex and free love era. Think about how much housing has changed in 40 years!

    I am in the process of remodeling a 20 year old ranch island home in North Florida. I get pissed off about the corners that I see were cut only in the name of a small savings back in 1989. Things like no primer under popcorn, No sheetrock taping were the ceiling and wall meet…I am fixing all this………in 2009.

    Wallpaper may look nice to a design or look, it is a nightmare for me to remove always, everywhere using every solvent for sale I know of.

    I am remodeling with some fine colors and am removing wallpaper and popcorn ceilings now. I have built single shelves for Monitors, printers, and computers themselves. This can save much room and add positive dimensions to any office or study where space is the premium.

    I also use guitar wall mounts….they are 10 bucks and save your space as well as damage to your musical equipment!

    I find myself at Lowe’s buying a 60 lb. sack of cement all the time, in Florida there are no native rocks growing, so we have to make them………….Getting good with Cement custom work……I found that I like this and it is fun for me to do. Firenza anyone!

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